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C.A.S.A was founded and registered as a not-for-profit organisation on 23rd Octobre 2008, following the desire of our heart to serve the community in a simple, genuine and honest manner helping people through efficient services and programs to enhance their wellbeing.

Our heart & soul is to serve the Community with a total commitment to becoming a positive force of change in a trustworthy place where members of the community find assistance, support, services, relief and comfort.

Our values are based on principles that inspire us to make the most of love, compassion, justice, humility, courage, strength and integrity in all that we strive to achieve, for the benefit of the community.

We hope you find our programs and services useful and informative.

Please contact us if you have any questions and feedback.


Who We Are

Community Action Services Australia (CASA) is a non-profit Public Benevolent Institution and Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) based in Wakeley striving to serve everyone in the Community, regardless of country of origin, ethnicity or language. CASA celebrates Australia’s diversity and multiculturalism.


Our vision is to become an uplifting force in the community, helping people to experience the best of life to pursue their own development and self-sufficiency to live a successful and fulfilling life.


We pursue our mission of assisting people in a way that maintains their dignity and overcome hardship in the best possible manner through support, resources and relationships that will help them rise above the economic, racial or cultural barriers to establish and maintain self-sufficiency.


We strive to work in a professional effective manner, helping people through efficient services to enhance their wellbeing, so that they can successfully integrate into their social circles: as individuals, as families, as workers and community members.

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