Community Action Services Australia (CASA) was registered as a Non-profit Organisation on 23rd October 2008, following the desire of our hearts to serve our community in a simple, genuine, honest manner and with a total commitment to become a positive force of change, inspiring and assisting those who need it.

The first Management Committee was formed by five women who took courage and decided to set in motion the wheels of this new organisation at the service of our community.

Since the beginning we have highlighted our values based on Christian principles, considering love, honesty and integrity as essential conditions for our work within and outside the organisation.

I wish to emphasise that it is very important for us to work on the issue of interpersonal relationships as we consider the life or each individual as highly valuable.  Every human being is important; every person deserves to be taken into account.
We are satisfied with   CASA’s journey during these six years of existence.  Our Management Committee members, as well as our dedicated volunteers have worked hard and demonstrated a total commitment to CASA and the community by serving in whatever was necessary.  This has resulted in achievements that are a source of encouragement to us, such as the following:

  • Income tax exemption from 1st July 2008
  • GST concessions from 1st July 2008
  • FBT – Fringe Benefits exemption from 1st July 2008
  • DGR – Deductible Gift Recipient from 30th October 2008
  • Charitable Fundraising Authority from 14thOctober 2009

During this period we have received many contributions from local businesses and friends who support us. The generous and selfless contribution of artists from the Spanish speaking community should also be mentioned, as it was much appreciated.  Our motto is “We all need each other” and this has been a reality so far, but financial help is crucial for the achievement of our objectives.

CASA is a Non-profit charitable Organisation that depends on the support of the community. The financial assistance from those who have the possibility of doing so, is indispensable for us to reach our goals and objectives, and become a force of support and motivation to the whole community.

I encourage you to give with a positive attitude towards individuals receiving services because I believe that your generosity can help change the lives of many in our community, by equipping us to reach out and serve them more effectively.

We believe that GIVING is better than receiving as GIVING starts the RECEIVING process.

We All Need Each Other…

Marta Faggiano
CEO & Founder

CASA’s History