Community Action Services Australia (CASA) Inc. was registered as a Non-profit Organisation on 23rd October 2008, following the desire of our hearts to serve our community in a simple, genuine, honest manner and with a total commitment to becoming a positive force of change, inspiring and assisting those who need it.



The first Management Committee was formed by five women, who took courage and decided to set in motion the wheels of this new organisation at the service of our community.

Since the beginning, we have highlighted our values based on Christian principles, considering love, honesty and integrity as essential conditions for our work within and outside the organisation.

I wish to emphasise that it is very important for us to work on the issue of interpersonal relationships as we consider life or each individual as highly valuable.  Every human being is important; every person deserves to be taken into account.

We launched CASA with a women breakfast event with a lot of enthusiasm and passion, and from this event, we began our activities. It was a Saturday Breakfast which was attended by 80 women. We presented the vision, mission and working plan of the organisation. We were delighted by Angelita Gomez’s talk “Woman do you know your destiny?” It was a quiet, enjoyable and fun environment.



Participant Comment:Hello Marta… In my opinion, what we had at breakfast was something very special. Firstly, the message that you expressed on the day was received very specifically and clearly. Secondary, the people were very impressed and interested in what will still be done in the future. Thirdly, everything turned out very well. It was very well presented, direct to the point, simple and sincere, and I think that these were the most important. The people showed that they liked it and that now there is an interest in what will be done in the future. In summary, ‘it was a success’. Congratulations to everyone who organised this event and making CASA a reality. Just let me know if there is something that I can help you with and I will do it wholeheartedly. Hugs from TS


We are satisfied with CASA’s journey during these ten years of existence.  Our Management Committee members, as well as our dedicated volunteers,  have worked hard and demonstrated a total commitment to CASA and the community by serving in whatever was necessary.

During this period, we have received many contributions from local businesses and friends who support us during our fundraising events and programs.

The generous and selfless contribution of artists from the Spanish speaking community should also be mentioned, as it was much appreciated.

Our motto is “We all need each other” and this has been a reality so far, but financial help is crucial as well also the volunteers’ participation for the achievement of our objectives.

CASA is running for the last 10 years exclusively by faithful volunteers.



Effective 1st Jul 2008           

  • Income tax exemption
  • GST Concessions
  • FBT (Fringe Benefits Tax) exemption

Effective 30th Oct 2008        DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient)

Effective 14th Oct 2009        Charitable Fundraising Authority