CASA was registered on 23th October 2008 as non profit organisation and commenced the activities with the first Women Breakfast on 8th November 2008.

Since then the committee members have worked hard with a team of approximately 20 volunteers who have shown a total commitment to CASA and the community by serving in whatever is necessary, having made possible the fulfillment of the following activities:

Past Events

8 Nov 2008 Women Breakfast
We opened CASA through the “Women in Action” program with a lot of enthusiasm and passion, and through this program we began our activities. It was a Saturday Breakfast which was attended by 80 women. We presented the vision, mission and future plans of the organisation. We were delighted by Angelita Gomez’s talk “Woman do you know your destiny?” It was a quiet, enjoyable and fun environment.

Participant Comment: “Hello Marta… In my opinion, what we had at the breakfast was something very special. Firstly… the message that you expressed on the day was received very specifically and clearly, secondary… the people were vey impressed and interested in what will still be done in the future and thirdly… everything turned out very well. It was well presented, direct to the point, without any lies, simple and sincere, and I think that these were the most important. The people showed that they liked it and that now there is an interest in what will be done in the future. In summary, ‘it was a success’. Congratulations to everyone who organised this event and making CASA a reality. Just let me know if there is something that I can help you with and I will do it wholeheartedly. Hugs from TS”

7 Mar 2009 International Women’s Day – Breakfast
Four months after the first event, CASA celebrated International Women’s Day in Sydney on the Red Carpet, with Celebrities, Artist, prizes and surprises, and amid a lot of hype. What a celebration for the 160 women who gathered at the second breakfast that CASA organised. Once again and from the beginning to the end of the program the spirit of celebration, organisation, joy and distinction were appreciated by all the female participants. This event was memorably and at a large scale, there are no words to describe the beautiful and special moments which we spent at CASA. It was wonderful to have Adriana Xenides, what a delight to hear the speech of a woman so beautiful and at the same time, humble, noble and special, who was able to identify with each and all of us. The moments spent with her were unique.

7 Aug 2009 Chocolate Night
On this occasion the event was held to be enjoyed with the family, to savour a good cup of chocolate and delicious churros made by Graziana Bella.

Approximately 155 people turned up at our customary meeting place, The Salvation Army Hall, at Fairfield West. The participation of well-known artists contributed to highlight the success of the night.

Susana Gelabert was in charge of the Trivia, which was a source of interest and recreation, with a prize for the winning table. But the most important part in all this is that the community supported CASA in its effort to grow and become a force of progress and change to benefit the community.

The support received on this occasion has confirmed that CASA has a place for everyone because it has been created to serve everyone.

19 Sep 2009 Nepean Cruise – Lunch
The beautiful “Nepean Belle” Ferry departed from Penrith Jetty with a group of 120 people from our community, which were about to enjoy an unforgettable cruise through the Nepean River. With an ideal temperature, a brilliant blue sky, the day could not have been more beautiful. As it happens in these events, there was joy, hugs and friends meeting each other again. And when it was time to have lunch everyone was amazed by the abundance and quality of the meal and dessert. But, apart from spending a wonderful time appreciating the natural beauty of the landscape and the friendship, once more our people has shown their support to CASA.

23 Oct 2009 Anniversary Dinner
CASA’s anniversary dinner was unforgettable, with a turnout of 180 people. As usual, in each event that CASA has organised we enjoyed a friendly, warm and very happy atmosphere. The attendees enjoyed a delicious 3-course dinner. This time the younger members of the organisation served the tables, like in a real restaurant style. Everything was well organised and the waiters attended the people with kindness and dedication, with a good attention to detail.

The high level of performers offered a show that caught the attention of the attendees. CASA gave prizes to people and awards to all the volunteers for their support throughout the year, and all the people who in one way or another supported the organisation with donations and work. CASA has emerged as a response to the needs of our community. Only a joint effort like this one will allow us to carry out our aims and objectives.

6 Mar 2010 International Women’s Day – Breakfast
The second celebration of International Women’s Day, with an attendance of 120 women from our community was a day of fun, friendship and recognition of women. According to comments from the audience, CASA’s events always stand up by the presentation of prizes, lots of food and especially the warmth and appreciation expressed by the directors and volunteers, who strive to ensure that those attending the event feel at home.
Another thing that received very positive comments was the high quality of the show that CASA presented.

17 Jul 2010 Chocolate Night
This event was a total success, with an attendance of more than 200 people, who enjoyed a delicious chocolate Spanish style, a variety of goodies to accompany it, as well as the tasty sausage sizzle.

The vice-president of the organisation, Angelita Gómez, who is well known for her beautiful voice as a singer as well as a facilitator of Personal Development courses, Self-esteem, Loss and Grief and many more programs, also showed her culinary talent in preparing the delicious rich chocolate.

Once again the attendees received a lot of prizes and a very enjoyable show within a friendly, happy and pleasant atmosphere.

13th Nov 2010 Second Anniversary Dinner
The second anniversary dinner was another great celebration at CASA. Once again we were honoured by the talented singers and dancers who kindly volunteered their time and effort to perform for CASA.  The applause did not stop as the entertainers kindly extended their performance to please the audience with their talents which brought many of the audience to tears and a standing ovation. The dinner was a three course meal , exquisitely catered for  CASA and its members, who highly praised the quality and quantity they received.

This would not have been such a success without the support and assistance of our volunteers who graciously donated their time and efforts to provide an enjoyable and memorable evening to all who attended.

19th Nov 2010 Fashion Parade (The Real Beauty closure course)
This event was the last challenge for the course participants. They were motivated to perform their own fashion show, where they themselves were the models. All the participants have been eager to take part in it. This fashion show had the purpose of demonstrating the personal achievements of every one of them, by showing the confidence they have now in terms of their self-image, by the fact that they walked along the runway.

Past Activities

2009 – 2010 Music Classes (Piano, Guitar, Drums & Trumpet)
2009 – 2010 Music Therapy in groups

Past Courses

Nov 2008 Inner Healing Courses (2 courses – 6 weeks each)
Mar 2009 Personal Development Courses (2 courses – 2 weeks each)
April 209 Inner Healing Courses (2 courses – 6 weeks each)
Sep 2009 Relaxation and Stress Management (10 weeks course)
March 2010 Relaxation & Stress Management Course (8 weeks course)
Aug 2010 Loss, Bereavement & Grief Course (10 weeks course)
Aug 2010 The True Beauty Couse (10 weeks course)
Oct 2010 Craft Ribbon Embroidery (9 weeks course)
Oct 2010 English Classes (10 weeks)