Our objectives are manly orientated to benefit Centerlink Recipients as being unemployed, under employed, single parents, families, aged, disabled, new migrants and refugees in liaison with existing institutions.

  • To provide non-discriminatory emergency relief and assistance through food parcels, clothing, support with utility vouchers, sourcing and securing interest free relief loans for families and individuals in crisis situations.
  • To empower low-income families and individuals to become self-reliant by providing short and long term assistance to resolve their immediate crisis and become less dependant, achieving a positive and independent future.
  • To alleviate the loneliness, helplessness and distress suffered by young people, the aged and special groups within the community who are isolated and unable to participate in the wider society.
  • To meet the needs of families and individuals in crisis generated by unexpected circumstances in the absence of short or long term community support.
  • To provide individuals and families with emotional support, practical advice and assistance.
  • To provide practical assistance to aged people in situations of helplessness to become self-reliant, improving the condition which they live in, helping them to maintain autonomy and independence, avoiding premature nursing homes placements and improving their well-being.
  • To provide the families and individuals in crisis with relief in times of hardship, including planning workshops so that they can develop independent living skills, confidence and motivation to improve their standard of living, and parenting skills to care successfully for their dependent children when applicable.
  • To liaise closely with all Government Institutions to ensure the client is provided with long term financial support when required.
  • To increase community and public awareness about the challenges that many people experiencing low incomes, health and social issues face, and engage the Private Sector in combating poverty and its causes.
  • To facilitate the development of opportunities and resources for the community, in the area of employment and business development in order to promote leadership and self-sufficiency, including regional/state, national and international networks.

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